Kay Sidebottom is a teacher, trainer and researcher who spoke very movingly at #BrewEd Wakefield about post-human education and the rhizomatic structures that allow us to put the child back at the centre of the curriculum. If that sounds dry or academic then let me just say that her moving and thought provoking presentation was absolutely the reverse – moving and straight from the heart. I asked her to write something for our website and she brought this. Just brilliant. Thank you Kay.



I used to think

Technology killed co-incidence.

Remember that time

We met by the canal

– five years without contact –

And the joy of a chance reunion?


But then I realised

Everything is connected.

And technology

Merely sprays water on the web

Throwing chance into sharp relief

Exposing rhizomatic threads and pathways

That link us all together.


We form and reform

Mark new territories

Tendrils spread out

Too fast to trace

Subterranean mycorrhizae

Bursting to the surface

for times of pause

where we meet in constellations

shining for a day.


I marvel at it.

And then I know.

It’s this!
This is how the change will come.


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